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New billet custom ground hydraulic lifter performance camshafts for Hot Rods, Customs, Street Machines, Muscle Cars and Speed Boats with Cams for Chev, Holden, Ford, V8 & 6cyl engines.



KustomBitz Hot Rod series of camshafts are designed to give that tough, choppy, ground thumping idle, reasonable vacuum [11-13hg], they will idle at around 800-900rpm, rev up quick and pull hard in the lower rpm range, yet the lobe profile is kind to your valve train, so it is perfect for engines in light or full sized vehicles that will see a lot of genuine street miles.  It is a hydraulic cam so it is reasonably priced and good power per dollar spent.

Primarily these Hot Rod Series of cams is aimed specifically at full bodied street cars which need torque to hall a car load of fat mates around the streets, without needing to pull big rpm to get the car moving. Yet they will work even better in a light weight car too.

Big horsepower numbers is horseshit on the street, it is the torque that gets you moving and if you want to win the traffic light wars without high rpm, spinning the rears and generally stay within the speed limits without drawing too much attention to yourself then our Hot Rod Cams could be what you are looking for.

You can bury yourself in camshaft specifications but really what you want to know is what it will do, so we have made it simple by having two cams for each engine.

Both Stage 1 & Stage 2 cams start producing torque at 1500rpm and produce exciting torque around the 2500 – 3300rpm depending on your other engine mods.

Stage 1 cam’s torque band is strongest from 1500rpm to 4200rpm and can be used with stock stall converters for automatic transmissions.

Stage 2 cam’s torque band is strongest from 1800rpm to 4800rpm, and we recommend using 1800-2200rpm stall converter in most cases.

These Hot Rod Cams are perfect for use with intermediate diff gearing, 15 inch rims and roughly a 26-27 inch diameter tyre. With the right combination of other engine parts and gears the characteristics of our Hot rod Series will putt around all day in traffic at docile speeds yet when you stab the throttle it will pull hard and quick through the gears up to the speed limit, yet you don’t have to rev them much over 3200rpm to get that push in the back and get that fun acceleration.

Other cams for engines not listed here with these features can be ground by request.  These are a new billet blank camshaft that is precision ground by computer controlled cam grinders in Australia to KustomBitz specifications.  Ron has been running these grinds for 15+ years in his own cars and he still finds them exciting to drive.